Sunday, February 6, 2011


Dear John,

In light of the recent release of your Zombie Novella - i would like to say that you're AWESOME. Thank you for letting it be released. 
Even though you said that it's terribly written; I found it difficult if not impossible to stop until I had read every last word. I'm no literary scholar but I likes what i likes and i definitely likes this.

I can't imagine how the story would have panned out if it had gone though the editing process that your previous novels had. But I'm sure it would be a completely different story if it had.

To anyone who hasn't read it yet, I don't want to show any spoilers here but I love how you address the subject of humanity and what it is to be human in the light of a Zombie Apocalypse.
i mean it HAS been done before - but not in the mindset of a teenager (well, it's the first one I've read).

By the way, that Cogito Ergo Sum joke made me giggle.

I like the way you drag out the key information about the protagonist and only reveal them bit by bit.

Anyway - i'm rambling here, and this was only meant to be a letter of appreciation, not a book report. it's 1:32am here in Melbourne, Australia and i have church tomorrow (or in 8 hrs); i could have written this letter later but my thoughts for this book would have faded by then.

Thank you again, keep writing and DFTBA.

Yours truly,

Ralph Lim
(aka Cellmate89 on YouTube - blatant advertising? i think so)

wouldn't it be great if this was made into a short film or something?


to those who haven't read the Novella yet, you can download it for free here:

tell me what you think! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moving out pt3

so today i went to the property inspection of the place i wanted.

massive disappointment.

the place was scummy. i dont think the landlord/s even considered cleaning the apartment before getting it inspected.

there was a oddly cut patch of carpet on top of the original, the walls had a brown tinge, there were still some screws and holes on the wall from the last tenant; the kitchen was a mess - the drawers could probably fall off their hinges at anytime, NO STOVE (how the hell am i going to make my culinary masterpieces now?!), and it was pretty dang small.

now i know why it was only $150 a week.

but still, i'm a little bit annoyed that there wasn't even an attempt to clean it; it was as is - there were still some dirt on the carpet when i looked at it.
i didn't spend too much time in there.

i regret not taking pictures.

these - however; are the pictures they advertised online.

this wasn't the place i saw.

*sigh* i wish things were easier...